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Summary of Test Results, Power Consumed During 30 Minute Test Run
Active Users Xeon Watt Hours Opteron Watt Hours Opteron % Better
Idle 119.3 66.7 44.1
100 124.7 105.7 15.2
200 131.0 119.7 8.6
300 136.2 124.7 8.4
400 140.6 130.3 7.3
500 145.5 134.8 7.4

Chicago, IL, July 20, 2007 -- Neal Nelson & Associates, an independent Chicago area computer testing firm, has announced the release of its second generation Server Power-Efficiency test. This new benchmark allows both quick and meaningful comparisons of server electrical power consumption. The test subjects a server to increasing user load conditions and reports the power consumed at each load level.

The first results published from this new test compare the power usage of a 3 gigahertz Intel (Woodcrest) Xeon server to a 3 gigahertz AMD Opteron server. The results show that the AMD based server used 7.3 to 15.2 percent less power at five different user load levels and 44.1 percent less power while the systems were idle and waiting for work.

"AMD must have put a lot of energy into optimizing the power usage for their products and it appears that AMD's customers will now realize significant energy savings." commented Neal Nelson, president of the independent testing group.

The new test is a client server benchmark where world wide web transactions are processed against a server configured with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell, the Apache2 web server software and the MySQL relational database.

"A standard power-efficiency test based on open source software like Linux, Apache2 and MySQL is a significant addition to the industry's tool set for understanding and improving the power-efficiency of servers," said Justin Steinman, director of marketing for Linux and Open Platform Solutions at Novell. "Novell is pleased that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server was selected as part of this new test suite."

Nelson's firm has a long history of performance consulting to some of the world's largest computer customers including the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Internal Revenue Service, McDonalds, WalMart and Federal Express. The Neal Nelson benchmarking laboratory is available to commercial and government users for independent computer performance tests.

Information about this test is available at or by calling Neal Nelson & Associates at (847) 851-8900.

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